Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014: Ubisoft Coneference

Ubisoft always seem to have the most awkward conferences, although this year luckily we had no Mr Caffeine. Aisha Tyler hosts again and I really like her, so to bad if you don't.

Opening with Far Cry 4 is a bang, the new bad guy voiced my my man crush Troy Baker seems totally bonkers. Taking a selfie after stabbing a guy 10 times in the chest? Sure. He has style, he has anger, he seems sadistic but man if i don't want to know more about him.

Question. Do people still really play Just Dance on a regular basis, not just a simple once a year on drunken night? Apparently. People dancing with a phones using a mobile app for the game to lady gaga and then some terrible acting from the dancers. Moving on.

Somehow it was a good decision to go from awkward Just Dance to a horribly depressing trailer for The Division, good trailer, sad face though.

I like car games, i don't mind some sim car action but more arcade stuff like Need For Speed or Burnout suit my need. The Crew seems like a mix of all that and the trailer they showed has me really interested. Watching a car just drive around America with the music used was oddly mesmerizing. Hopefully I can just sit back relax and take a drive around America roads, the game sounds truly to good to be true but if it pays of I'm down.

Some more Assassins Creed: Unity and once again my first reaction is look at all these name NPC's on the screen. Truly the series looks to be able to achieve what they have wanted to go for since the original. Walking around and discovering side missions naturally is a good idea and the combat seems to be fluent.

Obligatory fitness game, but hey at least if you want to use one of these fitness games on kinect this one looks fun at least.  

Valiant Hearts is a WW1 stylized stunning game based on real letter from the war. Looks interesting if not for the fact that there was dog in the trailer and if he dies in the game, me be mad.

Ubisoft ended on a bomb with Rainbow 6: Siege and for Alpha footage it looks amazing. This is the kind of co-operative game I want to play with friends. Taking down hostage takers in a house with pure planning and the destruction environments make this harder than simple sitting beside a door and picking of the bad guys.

Ubisoft had a good showing this year with a lot of killer looking games and even with the awkward non-interesting ones we we're onto the next thing fast.

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