Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014: EA Conference

EA can always be a bumer to sit through for me. I'm not a big sports games guy and that is a big part of EA's deal. EA did offer enough teases and trailers to push me through though.

Opening with one of my most anticipated games, Star Wars Battlefront and it was amazing if only seeing pre/Alpha footage, still looking amazing though. The amount of detail they saw there going for give high, high hopes.

Dragon Age made another appearance this time with an on-stage violin player which was cool but having not played them if the music was supposed to invoke a mood on me, didn't work.

Mass Effect made a small but still awesome appearance even with little details. More Mass Effect more planets more details and stories, everything I love. I looked at the Shepard poster on my wall and gave a slight nod.

Bioware also announced they are working on a new IP which is great, little to no details but how can you go wrong with Bioware? Take my money I'll pre-order it now. I have this much faith guys.

The loudest girls squeals from the audience in my ear followed a Sims 4 logo. I don't care for Sims and never have but they have added personality to sims now. Forgive me if I'm wrong but Sims with personality defeats the purpose no?

As I said me and sports game a no-no but Bruce Lee is in UFC and I kinda want to play just that even if the demo was weird as per usual with all these sports ones.

Another take my money now was a really early look at Criterions next game which features crazies to the next level, as is to be expected from these guys now. Parachute onto an ATV and fly onto a boat with Choppers chasing you. Game sounds and looks crazy and will be awesome guaranteed.

Weirdest thing was defiantly the golf trailer. It's using Frostbite Engine 3 and is extreme GOLF! Battleship crashing into the course is cool for the 'extreme fantasy' courses but give me a whole game like that and i'd be 100% onboad. No load times between holes is just a thing.

Madden & FIFA Yawns...

Dawngate is an MOBA was promise but the focus on story could be a good or bad thing. League has a story but no one really cares to the point character's lore was remove from the in game screen. Gameplay is all MOBA is about.

Mirrors Edge 2 got a showing, not much new stuff. Look like ME and I like that but for all the people that hated or didn't go much on the original not much to pull them in. Also, still to white.

Then EA blew me up as a Battlefield fan, Hardline looks amazing. It's battlefield that you know and love but with the simple Cops VS Robbers set-up that is taken to the extreme levels of Battlefield. This isn't Pay Day. This is still craziness that you'd expect from Battlefield. Then to make PS4's everywhere blow up and the Hardline website they announced the beta was going up right now for Battlefield 4 owners on PS4 and you can sign up online for PC. I've been trying any way for over half an hour of writing this and the site and PS4 will not work.

I liked EA's approach they showed a lot of stuff they normally wouldnt have, lots of alpha stuff but take it or leave it. People would complain if no Star Wars or Mass Effect was mentioned and they will probably still complain with what they got. I also appreciated the non-celebrity approach to the conference. We had developers talking not random as paid awkward people on stage and it paid of.

Back to trying for this Battlefield: Hardline Beta before the Ubi conference.  

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