Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014: Sony Conference

Sony basically dropped the mic last year and whether they could do the same this year or even try was a question on my mind all week. To answer; I guess they tried.

Opening with some more Destiny footage is cool and all but do we honestly need to start the show with an announcement for a Beta, to start the show?

White PS4 looks sexy, nuff said.

The Order: 1886 gets an eerie trailer showing of some kinda of monster and the protagonist getting thrown around. Still seems like every time I see this game it's emitting a different feel, or have they simply changed it up since its reveal last year?

Entwine a game available now that I had never hear of. Use both thumb sticks to control two dragons and move them in the right paths or something. Could be fun to play and I'll check it out, but didn't make for a great trailer.

Infamous: Second Son is not getting the Vita game I wanted but we get a stand alone DLC which is cool to, i guess. Infamous: First Light play as kit, the girl from the game. Presumably this will take place before the main campaign which could be cool. I mean its more Infamous.

LittleBigPlanet 3 is a thing, kinda of expect, but a thing. It's feature a more robust co-op mode with 3 new characters not all sack-boys.It looks like LBP, it is LBP but prettier.

From Software brings a gory trailer for there new dark as expect titled Bloodborne.

Far Cry 4 gets some actual gamplay showed of and it's amazing. Jumping along rooftops putting bombs on explosives kicking them down and blowing bad guys up, shooting dudes with bows and guns. Then jump into a car and jump out of said car into a truck and kill the dudes in it, only to crash of the cliff and glide with your suit down below, down below featuring lots of elephants. Co-op is integrated meaning your friends can jump in and out of your game to help you out.

Deep Silver has Dead Island 2 coming and it looks like a zombie game, woo.

Clickers from 'The Last of Us' have somehow made there way into Diablo 3 on PS4.

That Disney figurine game you see on K-marts shelves. Yeah, Sony has exclusive Marvel characters for that!

More exclusive stuff for Destiny got mentioned, woo.

Magika 2 is a thing.

Explosions and tears kids as Grim Fandango is getting re-masted/updated.

Indie Reel shows some interesting and odd stuff, but Hotline Miami 2 was in there so winning.

Grasshopper Manufacturer's next game is a PS4 exclusive and it looked like torture porn the game but I really couldnt figure out what was happening. Expected this is Suda 51.

Abzu is a game. Looks like something you need to play to know what it is, trailer no justice.

No Man's Sky finally made an appearance and answers the question of who got to it after the VGX reveal last year. Still looks awesome and way to cool for a small studio to be pulling of realistically.

Sony talks about boring online numbers but follow up with announcing Youtube is coming (finally) to PS4 so you can upload your gameclips straight to there.

25 Free to Play games are apparently making there way to the Sony eco-system in the next 12 months, among theme Planetside 2.    

PS Now still sounds cool for people who are getting it and have decent internet connections in there countries. I might sit here and doodle around with my thumbs some more every time it is mentioned.

Follow that up with an announcement of PS TV coming to everywhere but my life and yawn, jealous, boo.

Mortal Kombat X gets it's first gameplay and its gorgeous and gory and the environments seem really cool. Oh and the fatalities are just worse.

Sony spend way to long talking about there TV program which may sound cool with the promise of shows that 'gamers will like' and the announcement that the comic Powers is coming with 2 seasons. Unfortunately this segment went for so like that my note for the time is 'give me games... fuck.'

A re-mastered original Ratchet & Clank is coming along with the movie, which look pretty cool.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Hey, cool trailer but what the hell was even happening?

My prediction upon GTA 5's release comes true as it is coming to PS4 and hey you can move your online profile from either PS3 or the X360 over.

Batman looks amazing. The draw distance is glorious and the Batmobile is bad ass as apparently Batman gives no shits about blowing up a few things to save the city. Everything flows faster, no crawling through that and no slowing crawling down that ladder.

Somehow Uncharted 4 got a trailer even with all the weird firing, leaving and hiring that has been happening over at Naughty Dog the last couple months. Drake looks way different, graphics are a thing.

Sony didn't follow up after last years great show with a better one or even a similar one. They had heaps of great things to show unfortunately the length of some things simple made it slow down and lose pace.

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