Wednesday, June 11, 2014

E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event

This is the year, this is the year Nintendo made me want to get a Wii U.

Opening with some Smash Bros as expected but with a twist. Announced are 'ambio' little skylander type figures featuring Nintendo champs that you can use to bring characters into the game by dropping the figure onto the game-pad. The 3DS version got some footage but its so hard to look at after seeing the big daddy version, it just looks so flat in comparison.

Nintendo uses creepy Luigi.

Yoshi's Wool World is a huge smile bringer, it is brimming with cuteness and brought a huge smile to my face. This is what I like to see Nintendo do.

Captain Toads's Treasure Hunt is a game and could be cool I suppose. Can't say a have any kind of big affliction for that character...

New Zelda is here ladies and gents and it's what I've spend countless years of my life asking for. Huge open gorgeous world. Not much else was shown, no real gameplay but I'm sold easy.

New Pokemon remakes of Sapphire and Ruby get a trailer and it's cool to see one of my most played Pokemon games getting the up-ressing up-grading treatment finally.

Bayonetta 2 gets a bat-shit crazy trailer with a follow up announcement that the original is coming with the release of 2 along with some Nintendo skins for you to use in game. Looks awesome and everything I want from this game. Still not sold on the new haircut though.

I'm still not sold on Hyrule Warriors either. It looks cool and the gameplay looks fun but I've never been into Dynasty Warriors and a Zelda skin slap on that franchise isn't enough for me.

Kirby and The Rainbow Curse has a really different art style and looks interesting.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has a really cool trailer even for someone like me, who has never played a single game in the franchise.

Mario Maker? Make custom levels. Why hasn't this been a thing for a while now? It's such a simple idea but could be so cool if you can share and download other players courses. This should be a feature spanning over all Mario games from now til the end of time, like LBP.

Splatoon? Nintendo seriously just spend a good chunk of time talking about a fully online shooter game? Hey it looks cool though. Transform from a human to squid and the implementation of using your ink  to slow down opponents or speed up your team. The art is strong and could be a lot of fun with your friends.

And Nintendo ends on Palutena joining Smash Bros. I was kinda hoping for a Metroid announcement with the whole 'oh one last thing' from Regi but oh well... Kid Icarus (thumbs up.)

Nintendo had a strong showing an I'm on board guys I want a Wii U now.

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