Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014: Microsoft Conference

It's well known that Microsoft didn't exactly have a great show last year, but it's safe to say this year they were miles ahead of last year with there 2014 conference.

Opening predictably with the latest COD 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,' with the unfortunate no show of Kevin Spacey. As a well open non-fan of the COD franchise as it is i can say that this new one looks interesting, at least different. A lot of what was shown seems to be taking elements from other FPS franchises but to good effect.

I don't own a X1 but damn if i did Forza Horizons 2 would be on my... horizons. The game looks and sounds beautiful.

Evolve made a quick trailer appearance but once again, like its release trailer it automatically garnered 100% attention. It is simply one of the most interesting looking games coming this year.

The new Assassins Creed made a show which I didn't expect. And just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. Although the French Revolution setting for AC: Unity sounded cool in premise seeing the game finally has me sold. This is defiantly a next-gen AC, the amount of NPC's on screen at one time was simply crazy and the blood splatter effects was disquieting brilliance. The selling point of 4 player co-op, 'a real brotherhood' is awesome. The set-up and pay of looks like amazing havoc to be had with friends, plus interior-exterior is a thing now.

Once again a Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer prods me to be picking up and playing this series finally.

Most entertaining, smile making trailer award goes to Insomniacs Sunset Overdrive without a doubt. The character is a smart-ass and the art is bright, Insomniac back more like there Ratchet days. The gameplay looks interesting and fun, maybe a little to arcadey if anything and I wasn't quite sure how the campaign would be working out.

Dead Rising 3 is getting some arcade DLC which is apparently a thing, trailer was funny though.

Fable: Legends got some gameplay on stage and it looks oddly interesting, is this not just DnD the videogame? 4 players teaming up, one player controlling monsters and traps. Interesting and defiantly preety.

Project Spark is create your own games LBP style but CONKER showed up at the end GG.

A gorgeous game braced my screen and was revealed to be Ori and the blind forrest and I'm sold for it's art style alone.

'I love you' says a man in the audience for The Master Chief Saga announcement. Deserved as it is the best re-mastered set up ever. 4 games on one disc Halo 2 multi-player all as it was with 100 maps over the entire disc oh and you can playlist your favorite stuff into a mode?  

Playdeads new game looks eerie and gave me the goosebumps. It's dark and everything you would expect from the Limbo guys.

X1 has an indie real and some people still scream 'show real games on twitter.'

Completely didn't expect anything this year but the next Tomb Raider titled, 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' got a very teaser trailer with nothing but confirmation of the game coming, still cool.

Witcher 3 shows up and blows everything out of the water. Can we all not just agree this is the best looking game coming out? Just watch that gameplay over and over. Best Griffin in a game ever?

Phantom Dust is a game apparently, I'm sorry I didn't have an Xbox.

Division shows up and the demo is same, same as we have seen before but still it looks amazing. Still not 100% sure on what kind of game this is. MMO? RPG? Third Person Shooter? All of the above? Don't care I'm sold.

PlatinumGames has a new IP with ScaleBound and it has huge monsters. No gameplay shown so cannot be sure, but it's PG so I want to play it please.

Lastly a Crackdown reboot/re-master is coming and although no gameplay the trailer was really cool. Co-op entire game and looks heaps of fun.

Microsoft had a really strong showing, it was simply all games,games,games this year and was beautiful. Looking forward to Sony's showing after how well this was.