Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 2012: EA Press Conference Thoughts & Opinions

Let's make it clear that I love Dead Space. But... I'm not to impressed by what I have heard and seen of Dead Space 3 thus far. The co-op stuff that was rumored is true and it really bugs me. Visceral said in the EA conference that they had found a way to have the co-op and still keep the feel of Dead Space, but I find it hard to believe. But I'm not going to chuck away all hope for Dead Space 3 yet, especially when I haven't even played it yet.

Dead Space 3 was a good way to kick of EA's conference though. Following up with Sim City not so much but I know there is an audience for that and the crap tone of more FIFA and UFC and sports games stuff I don't care about, but I'll just skip all that.

DICE came on stage and talked numbers for Battlefield 3 before announcing BF3 Premium and similar service to Call of Duty Elite. The service seems a bit late now but it does look to offer the kind of stuff you want. I'm a Battlefield 3 fan and although I havent played it in months I know i'll pop it back in when the DLC's they also announced get released. So paying for this service and getting them at a cheaper price is even appealing to me. So I'm going to assume the player that is on every night will also like this deal.

I love Star Wars, who doesn't? So I have been interested in Star Wars: The Old Republic especially being a Bioware game. So maybe all the DLC stuff didn't really interest me because I don't play it but the ability to play up to level 15 for free did. Everyone knows that the MMO genre is crowded and nothing seems to tackle WoW anywhere near it's pedal-stool. So the free to play motto has seemed to be the only way to get other people interested in your MMO and level cap free play is just the same.

Medal of Honour Tier 1 or the "Bearded Man MoH" as I like to call it came out what, two years ago? I never played it, didn't care for it. Too many shooters look the same. I play BF3 for it's multiplayer, which is weird because I'm not that kind of guy. The new MoH actually looks cool though. The different regions to play online as and the fact it's running on the Frostbite 2 engine all interest me to at least check out a demo or something. Which is what game company's need more. That little tickle or interest that could lead me to buying their game. Plus them graphics looked nice also.

I like Criterion. They make good car games, like, Burnout Paradise for instance. Now they have revamped an old Need for Speed title in 'Hot Pursuit.' It looks sweet, it'll be fun, enough said.

So EA's conference was actually okay. They showed stuff like Crysis 3 also but nothing really WOW. Apart from all the sport dribble I don't care about most the stuff shown was actually interesting. Sure I would like to have seen some new I.Ps but yeah...

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