Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 2012: Microsoft Conference Thoughts & Opinions

I don't care for Halo that's not saying that Halo 4 didn't look good. There appears to be a graphic over haul and well it just looks like Halo to me.
This is how Microsoft's E3 conference started out for me on a meh, not interested but yeah I can understand that's cool approach. It soon went downhill though.

Splinter Cell: Black List was looking cool but the pushed Kinect was integration was a sign for things to come. The conference contained Kinect this, Kinect that and none of it was very appealing. Want to swear at a referee in FIFA 13 and get a yellow flag? No not really. Want to play Fable Journey? No it looks as appealing as it did last year.

Gears of War got something of a teaser trailer which looked cool but it wasn't much. Show me some cool gameplay from a cool game please!

Thank you! Forza Horizon answer my prayers for a short moment. It looks to mix the realistic and great racing mechanics with something like a NFS game with the underground racing scene ala Fast & Furious. Which I'm cool with. Anyone who was my age when that movie came out has a soft spot for that kind of thing. Considering a Need for Speed game hasn't done anything for me for a while maybe this will hit that spot.

But this was one of the few high spots. Next we had to sit through what seemed like an hour of WTF moments. Like Nike showing of a workout Kinect title 90% of which I couldn't understand what the hell they where even trying to show here. Then Xbox Smarglass was announced. Which in premise is cool but I'm preety sure will be a let down. The idea is to connect the tablets and phones to your XBOX and have all this fancy connectivity happen. Like a map on you tablet showing Westeros while watching Game of Thrones. Cool? Yes. Do i need it? No. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but it was this point when on my notes I had wrote "Show me some freaking games please, interesting, cool games... please."

Tomb Raider! Oh thank god for Tomb Raider! Tomb Raider gameplay that was amazing. Silently taking out enemy's with a crossbow. Wounding there legs then going in for a kinfe kill. Dodging machine guns, cover getting blown away and big action set pieces. I think this is the best footage they could of shown for this game. It showed combat, the surivial element and the action. Tomb Raider also looks stunning.

I wasn't excited for Resident Evil 6 and the gameplay Campcom chose to play through didn't sway me at all. Shooting the shit out of zombies, heaps of QTE's and slo-mo action pieces is eveything I don't look for in a Resident Evil game. Sure, I know this is the way the franchise has been going and will be going. Does that mean I have to like it? No.

The South Park game will be cool. You know how I know because Trey Parker and Matt Stone where the best presenters in the whole thing. It didn't look like they where reading of a script and they where funny. Funny as in making fun of all the crap that came before and joking about the quality of there own work. There wasn't any gameplay but I have hopes for this game to be something different and enjoyable in it's own right so I'll stick to that.

Usher then danced and sang and... Yeah Usher..usher...usher... Him. It was horrible though. He sounded horrible and seeing it was horrible. All this to promote Dance Central 3. Is this a game that needs this big push? No, so why am I watching this.

As expected COD Blops 2 showed up in the Microsoft conference. But as there closing piece?  I was surprised, especially after this being the follow up to the crap I had just watched. The game looks alright though. I was slightly interested and I ain't no COD fanatic so that's saying something. The future setting looks cool and it looks like there'll be some cool new weapons. An Auger esq one was played in the demo. Shooting through solid objects to take out enemy's. If the game adds cool new elements along with stuff like that it might be worth playing.

Well that's that. The Microsoft conference. It was, interesting and in another way to put it, shit. To much time spent on Kinect and entertainment stuff that wasn't actually all that exciting and not enough a games. Good looking, exciting games. Yet Microsoft thinks it'll be there best year for games. I'm sorry but I don't see it.

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