Friday, January 20, 2012

Sherlock Season 02 Episode 03: The Reichenbach Fall

This is the final episode of Sherlock season two and it's based upon the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story in which Sherlock and his arch nemesis plummet to there death together. Like most Doctor Who or general Steven Moffat fans I knew and dreaded who was writing this episode; Steve Thompson. It's nothing personal against him he's just written some of the worst Doctor Who episodes and wrote the second and worst episode of Sherlock season one. Here he has the Raine's on the final episode and one hell of a story.

Steve Thompson after all my worrying succeed here delivering one hell of and episode that I'd say is better that last weeks 'The Hounds of Baskerville' but still not as good as 'A Scandal in Belgravia.'

The only problem with telling this story is trying to make Jim Moriarty feel like a bigger character then what he has actually been. We still haven't seen him that much throughout the entire two seasons and now he's an entire episodes focus and we're to know he's Sherlock's biggest threat.

Andrew Scott's performance as Moriarty is really something you can either hate or love and I love it. Sherlock's not the exact same here as he is in the original works so why should Moriarty. He's allot more playful and allot more sinister. What's more scary then Scott's performance as a psychotic grown man just looking for a challenge in the world? I don't know either.

Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott)

I haven't gone into any big spoilers so far in these Sherlock entries and I don't ever plan to unless noted in the article title. Just take that into count when I say the following.

In the opening minute we see Martin Freeman give one hell of a performance in a psychiatrists office or something of the sort. He seems to be breaking down and he manages to stutter out 'my friend... Sherlock is dead.' Freeman's performance here with those opening lines is one way to start of an episode on high toes and of course we get told 3 months later and the episode plays out.

The way it does play out it something interesting altogether. With the opening heist played out without any tension at all and more as something funny to suit Moriarty, then we jump to something of a courthouse episode for 10-20 minutes. The episode then moves pace again and again before it's all over and even though it switch's through gears like this, the episode is still paced out so well and can be fun, sad, exciting and over before you even want it to be.

Will Sherlock return for series 3? I kinda doubt it as of the moment.

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