Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Movie Trailer: Resident Evil: Retribution

I wasn't a big fan of the last Resident Evil movie, I remember thinking it was one of the worst 'take your brain out' flicks I had seen in a long time. But here we are again with the fifth installment in the franchise and once again it's going to be in 3D.

The first trailer released is really a stupid trailer--yeah I said that. It opens with a promotion video for Sony products which is all fine and dandy for the PSVita a gaming platform I think needs the promotion but in a movie trailer this obviously product placement, uh, no.

Basically half way through the 1:20 trailer we finally get to see something (unless there was some cool easter eggs in the back of the product placement crap) interesting. Alice is wearing a Umbrella corp uniform for a start which is weird considering she's fighting against them and there's 1950's army dudes in the background. So this could be taking place in the past which the rest of the trailer helps back up since it shows allot of scenes that HAVE TO be taking place in the past or else it simply wouldn't make any sense.

Michelle Rodriguez's character is returning after her death in the first film, but what does death mean in a sci-fi genre type movie anyway? Leon Kennedy will be making his first appearance in the film versions which is cool for fans of the games and other than that? Well there will be hopefully allot less overused stupid slo-mo than the last film and the plot actually may go somewhere in this film. I can only hope as I really would like to enjoy this entry into the Resident Evil franchise.

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