Friday, January 20, 2012

The Muppet's Review

The team of James Bobin, Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller have managed to revive the Muppet's franchise and create one of funniest cinema experience's I expect you to have this year with The Muppet's Movie.

This Muppet's movie does well in acknowledging the fact that the Muppet's brand has seemingly died of in the years and the time in which it is being released. Plus it doesn't take it self to seriously delivering self acknowledging lines, knowing that this is a film and bringing some of the usual Muppet's humour to a new audience.

The cast is a fantastic line up. Peter Linz plays the new Muppet Walter and the film starts out with Walter and Jason Segel's characters growing up as kids and adoring the Muppet's. I gathered that the two of them hired out a random Muppet's movie from a DVD rental store based simply upon the cover and then grew to love it in the period of time that the Muppet's have somehow disappeared from peoples minds and TVs.

Starting the film this way is a great way to allow young kids to automatically attach to Walter since he is new to the universe. Considering some of the older Muppet's film, they seem to expect the audience to know all the characters and then we're to get along with the plot. Here the film, not a reboot of the Muppet's franchise in general, but something of a new entry point similar to the way some comic book series work we have the ability to introduce new viewers and for older viewers to still enjoy it and the way the characters are re-introduced Esq Blues Brothers style.

Segel and co-star Amy Adams are a joy to watch on screen as is the rest of the cast. The two of them seem to bring a shine to screen together and fit in with the Muppet's very easily. There are also a few celebrity appearances, non of which feel over-used or under-used, which I was expecting after reading there was a few of them. There timely and fit into 2012 perfectly. Chris Cooper plays the films 'bad guy' as Tex Richman and he's the only person in the entire film I felt didn't fit into the world, his portrayal of the character just seemed a bit of beat to me.

The music here is one of the biggest stars. Songs are a joy to listen to and allot of fun to watch on screen with the dance routines and general way there put together. The songs are actually quite funny and I assume Flight of The Concord's Brett Mckenzie had something to do with this as he was 'music supervisor.'

Other than the fact that Coopers characters seemed of beat to me there is little to stop me from highly recommending you go watch this film. I left the cinema and felt like the world was a cruel and dirty place after this film --which it may be-- but I consider this a compliment to the film and how much of a joy it was.

Acting: 8.0
Writing: 8.0
Production: 9.0
Direction: 8.0

Overall: 8.0

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