Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Game Trailer: Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 5 wasn't a bad game it just wasn't a good 'Resident Evil' game.But the first trailer for Resident Evil 6 doesn't look to be taking it back so I guess I'll move on from that problem and accept what is now a RE game.

The trailer shows 3 different characters all of which I am assuming will be playable in different chapters or something similar. Leon Kennedy is returning since being on leave from Resident Evil 4 and the trailer opens with him and gives you what looks like a more dreary and less action paced Resident Evil game. But this is just the start of the trailer and my hopes of that where quickly de-railed after seeing Chris Redfield's bit. The camera is close and when he is seen running down a street it reminded me allot of Gear of War's look. Even the way he was hiding behind cover at one stage looked very much like an action packed 3rd Person Shooter. We are also introduced to a new bold character that I think looks allot like the 9th Doctor Christopher Eccelston but that's neither here nor there.

The game takes place in different areas of the world and since it has several different characters it could all be separate tales but I'm going to go ahead and assume and hope that they all tie into one cool story.

There's rumors of 6 player online co-op which I am sure will annoy all those that hated the inclusion of co-op in the last game but it sounds cool to me if done right, hell this whole game sounds cool to me if done right and let us hope it is.

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