Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Game Trailer: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

A Doctor Who game is not something I would have thought would be big on peoples priorities of licenced material to bring out. Especially considering how little it is known really outside of the U.K. Sure they say that the TV program is at the height of it's popularity but after seeing an American morning show program where all three or four hosts proclaim how they have never heard of this weird little gem; I didn't expect a game.

The Eternity Clock is a downloadable game however so that makes the cost allot cheaper and ultimately if  it did sell well it could bring in allot more money.

The first thing developer Supermassive Games have done right is get Matt Smith and Alex Kingston to voice there respective characters. How they could easily stuff it up is by not recording enough lines and I'm left hearing three funny one liners from River Song throughout the entire game.

The second thing they have done right is make this a side-scroller. Not only have side-scrollers come back allot and are generally accept as a genre again thanks to the downloable market and games like LittleBigPlanet or in-fact New Super Mario Bros Wii. The style suits the source material perfectly. As any-fan of the Doctor Who TV show would know the Doctor runs a hell of allot and he doesn't use a gun or have super wall jumping powers. Having this game be a side-scrolling platformer is a really good choice and I'm actually quite happy with that.

Presumably there will be puzzles as there was in the failed DS and Wii games and simply because puzzles would suit a Doctor Who game. This would be easy to stuff up and make them boring and derivative but if anyone looks at the Professor Layton games on the Nintendo DS and also the Ace Attorney game, puzzles can be engaging to the player. Please just don't make me run through the game pointing my Sonic Screwdriver at everything a blowing it up.

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