Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hugo Review

In Hugo Director Martin Scorsese has taken 3D and made it his own. In Hugo he has also crafted one of the most enjoyable films ever and for a film so different to the rest of his catalog one of his best.

Hugo Cabret is played by Asa Butterfield and is suburb as a kid lost in the world just looking for where he fits in. Hugo says he pictures the world as a machine and machines never comes with spare parts, so naturally he must have a place somewhere. That is the heart of this film, fitting in, finding your niche and of course friendship and love and all the usual stuff. However Scorsese does something amazing in Hugo's side characters. By the end of the film you will have felt like your seen them all go through some kind of story as well and sometimes not even related to the main plot. It was really great to be introduced to an entire cast of characters and at the end feel like none of them were there for no reason.

You will have several characters featured in Hugo as-well since the film is centered inside a train station. Recurring characters come from shop owners and in Sacha Baron Cohen's case; the Station Inspector. Cohen really does bring allot to this film as the Inspector to. He is seen as the bad guy, but you never hate him, you just laugh at him and eventually grow to love him.

I could go ahead and write an entire article on how perfect the cast in Hugo is but that'd be a bit much. Chloe Grace Moretz and Ben Kingsley deserves high mentions as they both gave performances that I wouldn't expect and hadn't seen for a long time.

Sound and Visual Design is top of the game here also. The music is very French at times but then also wondrous and magical just like this film. Visually Hugo is just a beautiful movie and every detail on screen is just amazing.

The Station Inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen)

No Hugo isn't the next Narnia so don't let anyone fool you with that. But this is still just as magical of an experience full of intrigue and wonder. Hugo is the story of a boy who really just pushed and pushed because he wanted answers. The films second half which is somewhat a history in cinema doesn't feel like a different film; everything ties in just right.

Don't let anyone try and tell you this is a 'kids' film either. Those Tinker Bell straight to DVD films are 'kid' films, this a film for everyone and can be and should be enjoyed in hoards. Hugo is an amazing film and if you can -- watch this movie in 3D because it's the best I have seen. I never felt like I was watching a '3D Movie' it's just all part of the experience. The experience you should to, get to experience.

Acting: 9.5
Writing: 9.5
Direction: 10
Production: 9.5

Overall: 9.5

3D: 10

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