Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Movie Trailer: Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World

I loved the original 'Spy Kids' that came out when I was a kid and watched the hell out of my tape. The second one was my least favourite and 'Spy Kids 3D' really just felt like a one time gimmicky thing but I remember having fun. The 3D back then wasn't what where all seeing these days but the new Spy Kids is implementing that and a smelly piece of cardboard.

This is obviously for kids and you can't argue with that and don't expect anything more than that. Sure it will properly be a terrible film but will it entertain kids? Hell yes. If I was a kid and I was seeing a cool movie where kids are kicking ass that are my age and have a talking dog voice by The Offices Ricky Gervais I'd go nuts. Then introduce the 3D and I'd think I was in the future until you told me I had to sniff a piece of cardboard. At which point I'd think I must have time traveled into the way distant future.

If every kid has the same reaction to this as I think I would this movie will give allot of fun to the kids.

I might actually even go see this simply to try out the ridiculous of it all. I'll probably leave the cinema upset and not pleased but I know that going in.

Via: Youtube


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