Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Trailer: Footloose

Glee. High School Musical. Step Up. Dance Movie 'Insert Title.' It's the craze at the moment at it just doesn't seem to be stopping, so what's next? Well instead of getting another pretty face with rock hard abs to just dance in the movie Hollywood has gone and decided to remake an actually good dance movie from the 80's in 'Footloose'

I'm sure I wasn't the only person angry upon hearing this news and I ain't even a big fan of the original. It simple annoys me to keep seeing Hollywood remake movie after movie.

Now with Footloose and it doesn't even look remotely like the original. Someone explain to me how in the same film you can have someone doing the whole 'Step Up' Esq dance routine with the hip-hop tunes in a car park and moment latter have them running through a warehouse and around town to footloose? I just don't get it.

But this movie is guaranteed to make a bucket full at the box office if the film is marketed well enough. The current younger teens are a bound majority to see this and even old people just in the Gleek scene.

Via: Youtube

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