Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Trailer: A Dangerous Method

One film made me fall in love with David Cronenberg as a Director and Viggo Mortensen as an actor and that was 'A History of Violence' since then Cronenberg shone on with 'Eastern Promises' and so did Mortensen as an actor namely 'The Road.' Put all that with the up coming superb Michael Fassbender and I'm preety excited.

Sigmund Freud is a name everyone knows like Holmes or Einstein simple because they are woven into culture and history in some way. Freud is like Einstein to me though, where I know of them but really don't have that much knowledge of there life or history in deep. This film plans to turn that around and I'm quite happy for it.

Kiera Knightly is the female lead and although she is fine in everything she has done thus far, there is a moment in the trailer where she appears to put on an off putting accent of some sort. Vincent Cassell also has a supporting role and after 'Black Swan' I have certainly become more keen sounded for his name.

If the film can match the story's physiological turn of events and have some eerie to it I'm sure it'll succeed. Plus I'm calling it now; this movie will get some kind of nomination at the Oscars.

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