Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Trailer: Killer Elite

Another remake but this time of a film I've never heard of, which means it could be bad or good.

Killer Elite has a whole bunch of different actors I'd never thought I'd see in a film together but are. Statham is being Statham, Clive Owen seeming to be extending his character from 'Shoot Em Up' to some extent and DeNiro is being himself. All that and this is apparently a true story?

It's a C.I.A or something along those lines based storyline which usually fails out in an action based movie. Simple because the director can't get the mixture between intriguing story and fact paced action rite. 'The Bourune Movies' did but I consider them a thinking mans James Bond, though the last Bond movie did require allot of attention.

I don't see this getting much attention based on the current talk and promotion. It'll probably pass under the radar and end up on DVD before I get to see it but time will tell.

Via: Youtube

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