Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Movie Trailer: 11-11-11

First of a ridiculous title simply because 11-11-11 is the day Skyrim releases and I go into hibernation, but we're not here to discuss that.

11-11-11 didn't interest me until the last 20 seconds of the trailer where it picked up. I'm up for a good Devil/End of the world  movie like anybody. Which reminds me, are they ever going to remake 'Omen 2 & 3'?

The first miniute or so of the trailer simply looked and sounded to much like a B movie. Which would be cool in it's own right but don't try and sell me something ridiculous and do a chessy job at doing so.

You don't see many good horror movie of late and it would be good to have one. I like freaky stuff over the gore anyday and this looks to weigh them evenly hopefully.

Via: Youtube

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