Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Trailer: 30 Miniutes Or Less

30 Minutes or less, the new film from the guy who did Zombieland and starring the guy in Zombileland and that facebook movie got itself a second trailer in the form of Red Band. (means it restricted for older audiences)

The first trailer was interesting but didn't really seem to show enough to get me past being mildly interested where as this one has me way more interested. It generally looks like a really fun movie and a hope it keeps the pace the trailer sets. I want it to be funny from the moment it starts and once the action starts be a roller-coaster road til the end.

Pineapple Express succeeded well in that factor when it came out that few years ago. It was able to have being giggling yet still enjoying the great action that was happening on scene and there hasn't being something like that since so I hope when this releases in August I'll have an enjoyable expierce.

Via: Youtube

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