Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie Trailer: The Muppets

After three spoof trailers 'The Muppets' movie coming November this year finally gets a proper full length trailer, and it didn't really do much more for me than the spoofs.

The spoof's where chuckle worth at most and they all seemed a bit cheap and gimmicky. The last one released before this real trailer was spoofing the 'Green Lantern' movie that is out now most places around the world. I just felt it was cashing in on the release of another movie and trying to get attention that way.

I loved the Muppet's when I was younger and watched several of the movies released however this one really doesn't have much going for it. Unless you read a synopsis for the movie the storyline is not apparent at all in the trailer, and how are you supposed to get excited for a movie with no plot at all? I can't.

Guys from 'Forgetting Sarah Marhsell' are involved and so are some people from HBO's 'Flight of the Concrods' both things I think are great and really enjoy the people involved but it really doesn't help me get excited for this.

Amy Adams looks to be playing a really ditsy brown head in this movie opposed to her blond headed roles and this doesn't make me feel any safer about her role in the upcoming 'Superman: Man of Steel' but I spoz I'll have to see.

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