Monday, June 20, 2011

E3: Best of...

If you read any of my write ups about the several E3 conferences you will know that none where all that exciting. But there was some great games to be seen amongst all this and even though I wasn't able to walk the show floor I sure was able to read information and watch the same game demos people there were getting.

Thus lead me to the 'Best of E3' where I'll narrow down the top three best games from E3 and put in order the big three conferences into bronze, silver and of course the gold award.

Best Game: Bronze - Battlefield 3

I'm no COD fan or a general fan or FPS war shooters in general so to have me excited for a game of that type is a triumph in general.

Battlefield 3 has been getting allot of buzz about the graphics and this includes me. I have described it to my friends as beautiful and stunning which it is. Though I still find it weird to use those words in war game.

I'd love to say I'm excited for some story in Battlefield 3 but until writing this I had actual forgot there be some 'story' mode in the game. I just really want to expierce what I consider to be a game changing game as soon as possible.

The BIG 3 of E3: Bronze - Microsoft

I went into E3 thinking Microsoft was actually going to win it and boy was I wrong on that one. I thought they'd hail down the exclusive titles and push that Kinect toy onto the side and focus on getting some games out there to tackle the amount of exclusives Sony has coming out in the future and already throughout the year. But instead we got a hailstorm of Kinect titles that were either really badly looking or didn't have an audience. Sure there was the odd cool looking thing like Mass Effect 3's Kinect integration and some of the new media/entertainment stuff Xbox has coming. 

Not only that but also the fact Microsoft opened on a 3rd party game was a huge wrong move in my book, especially Call of Duty. Sure, we all know that the 360 is the go to console for COD but if your going to open on that and trying and set a scene for the 'hardcore gamers' do it, don't switch to Kinect stuff straight after.

Best Game: Silver - Tomb Raider

My first look at the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise came from the 'GameInformer' article and cover story a couple month ago. There coverage didn't go into much other than the new look and the hopefuls the game hopes to achieve, however at the Microsoft Conference we all got to get a demo.

The Tomb Raider franchise has had some good games in the last few years -- I enjoyed Underworld -- but the franchise was still sinking into and really needed a fresh coat of paint. But this new Tomb Raider game goes one step further with not only giving Lara a fresh coat of paint but the gameplay and mechanics that is 'Tomb Raider' altogether.

Tomb Raider looks to re-innovate the franchise but also bring a whole lot new to the gaming table in genre. This upcoming title looks to be create a genre I've wanted for some time; 'Survival-Horror' without the horror.

The BIG 3 of E3: Silver - Nintendo

Nintendo could of won E3 if they hadn't of slipped up on so many simple mistakes. Barley no acknowledgement of the Wii and the bad announcement of the Wii U made for a bad show but also they didn't announce anything that interesting.

Nintendo has two consoles on the market at the moment; 3DS and the Wii and both didn't get much treatment at E3, the later in particular. The Wii got one game talked about as far as I can remember and it was the upcoming Zelda game 'Skyward Sword.' Other than that they focused on the now announced Wii U which had a bad announcement anyway. There upcoming console isn't coming until at least next and what have Nintendo fans got to play til then? One Zelda game.

The 3DS got similarly bad treatment considering it's horrible release. It still has no games and the announced ones really aren't going to sell the system. The most interesting one to me was the Luigi's Mansion game as it was out of the blue and the rest of the titles where expect, even if they did look interesting.

Best 3 of E3/Best Game: Gold Awards

Although I'm sure the winner of the 3 of E3 is obviously apparent the best game isn't. So click play on the video below to find out who won and why.

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