Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Hero Sqaud: The Infinity Gauntlet Review

A game based up a kids TV show can only go so far. But with the lack of fun, easy, co-op titles outside the LEGO franchise there is little to pick from.

The story with Super Hero Squad up to par with an episode of the TV show and even has some elements that we might be seeing in the upcoming Avengers Movie -- coming 2012 -- with the story revolving around the 'infinity gauntlet.' But don't be expecting much story wise here. 

The game plays out over 11 chapters each having two of the 'Super Hero Squad' taking lead to gather one of the stones. There's actually allot here that plays out like the Lego game franchises. You are able to switch between the two characters and you will have to as each have certain ability's for different things. For instance Iron Man is a 'tech' and you use him to hack doors to open them, Hulk is 'strength' and he just smashes  doors and such open for you. But all of these mechanics feel forced and none really feel necessary unlike in a Lego game. 

The combat is very lackluster and simply button mashing. Although you have a Square attack and a Triangle one along with a special attack that can be used with the R2 button, but you'll most likely just be mashing the Square button the entire game. 

Levels themselves are very bland and boring to match the combat. There's little detail to anything and the game it self looks like a last gen game.  

Super Hero Squad is also full of many glitches and you will find yourself falling into objects, floor or through other characters often.

The worst of all though is the AI in this game; it barley exists. If your partner is doing anything at all it's usually not what you want them to be doing and even then my AI partner seemed to disappear allot and just stopped playing. Picture playing the game in co-op and having your friend just stand up and leave. 

Iron Man uses a special attack

Having said that, it is best to play this game in its entirety in co-op to get any kind of function out of it. It even has some kind of fun in it that way and you will be able to cooperate and work out how to defeat a boss or solve a puzzle this way. But this is a split screen only co-op here, don't expect to play with your friend across country.

Super Hero Squad is defiantly not fun to play alone but has some fun in co-op to be had. The story is nothing interesting but the voice acting matches to source material well and has a few funny one liners to heard. You can replay each chapter again to find secrets in freeplay upon finishing the game but it's not worth it. The challenges in challenge mode are boring so there's little replay value here. This is defiantly a kids game but even then I wouldn't suggest it simply because of the horrible AI and glitches to come across.

Story: 4.0
Gameplay: 3.5
Graphics: 3.5
Sound: 6.0
Replay Value: 4.0

Overall: 4.0

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