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Hot Tub Time Machine Review

Hot Tub Time Machine Review

Hot Tub Time Machine is an ensemble cast comedy that doesn't have a main cast member but focuses on four main characters. Written by first time screenwriter Josh Heald and Sean Anders and Josh Morris (Sex Drive, She's Out Of My League) with the Director reigns on Steve Pink (Accepted) Hot Tub Time Machine looks to be a promising comedy. The trailers looked funny and i was a fan of time travel but can this be the 2000's Bill and Ted or Back to the Future?

Rob Corddry (Taking Chances) plays Lou Dorchen who appears to be having a mental break down or simply being to drunk all the time. He ends up in hospital after nearly killing himself and his friends come to his side to help. John Cusack (2012) plays Adam and Craig Robbinson (Pineapple Express) plays Nick Webber, Lou's two friends that have being ignoring him until the recent incident. They decided it's best to take Lou away for a while and head to an old Mountain Lodge that was there party place in the 80's. They also bring Jacob; played by Clarke Duke (Kick-Ass) who is Adam's nephew. They spend the night drinking in a hot tub to awake in the morning back in time in the year 1986.

The plot sounds ridiculous and it is but luckily they never really try and give and reason as to how the hot tub works and so you don't think about it. I never really could figure out the general plot outline either, one moment they want this the next something else. There didn't ever seem to be an aim for the story other than something linear to put some jokes around. An enjoyable comedy also needs characters i enjoy seeing on screen or I don't work so well, Hot Tub Time Machine fails here. All the characters weren't interesting at all or that funny on screen. Rob Corddry's characters was especially annoying rather than funny and that's say something as Corddry's nearly always annoying on screen.

The acting was average to say the least; i could take the acting of this movie for every actor and find another movie where they look to be playing the exact same role. I'm even sorry to say that an appearance from Chevy Chase (Christmas Vacation) couldn't even lighten up the mood for me.

The movies soundtrack doesn't subtly say this is the 80's it punches you in the face and says it. Every song used is basically a big 80's hit, which is ok but apart from one of the more funnier scenes involving The Black Eyed Peas the soundtrack was dull even with Motley Crue blaring.

Hot Tub Time Machine does have some good jokes that are actually quirky to do with Miley Cyrus and Google but other than that the movies comedy level falls very low. Thinking back i think that on the seven or so things that made me chuckle one was someone spewing on a cat. You can check this movie out if you want, you might find it funnier than i but this was an avid comedy for me.

Acting: 6
Writing: 6
Direction: 6
Production: 5.5

Overall: 6.0

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