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From Paris With Love Review

From Paris With Love Review

From Paris With Love is based upon the story by writer, director and producer Luc Besson (The Fifth Element) and was produced into a script by Adi Hasak (Shadow Conspiracy.) Directed by Pierre Morel, (Taken) From Paris With Love offers a quick ride with the film only clocking in at 88 minutes, but is it even worth that much of you're time?

The story follows James Reece; played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, (Mission Impossible 3) who is working in the U.S embassy but is secretly working for the U.S government also as a small time agent. His jobs and limited to small things such as switching up number plates but when he gets told to help out Charlie Wax; played by John Travolta (The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3) things step up a notch for him.

Its a very simple plot and I picked the whole plot bare the last ten minutes in the film, ten minutes into the film. This isn't a downfall as the film is so fast paced you don't care so much at the plot. From Paris With Love hands you some plot, then some comedy and then some action. It's a very simple set up that oddly works for a film like this.

The film wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if it wasn't for some good casting. Travolta seems to be in top game having the most fun with a role in quite some time. I'm not sure if the role was made for him or he made it his, but he took on the role of Charlie Wax with full grip. Meyers provides a good backbone for Travolta, you could argue the film's main characters is James Reece but we all know this movie was made for Travolt's character Wax.

Pierre Morel had a lot of experience in cinematography before becoming a Director and once again rubs of onto his films. There is nothing worse than a poorly put together action sequence and in a movie with 75% action like this one, it's good to see Morel didn't wreck the main ingredient.

From Paris To Love is just a mindless action flick but sit down with some popcorn and enjoy this one. Good action sequences and some well delivered jokes make for a fun ride. John Travolta is bad ass and Paris might just not let him back in.

Acting: 7
Writing: 7
Direction: 7
Prouction: 7

Overall: 7.0

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