Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cop Out Review

Cop Out Review

Cop out is Kevin Smiths (Clerks, Zack & Miri Make a Porno) first directed film he hasn't written, instead being written by Rob & Mark Cullen (Las Vegas.) Bruce Willis (Die Hard) plays Jimmy Monroe alongside Tracey Morgan (30 Rock) who plays Paul Hodge, two Cops who are down on there luck in this movie that seems to be more or less a 2000s Lethal Weapon.

After Jimmy & Paul both get suspended Jimmy needs to get some money to be able to pay for his daughters wedding. He tries to sell a rare baseball card at a pawn shop but it gets stolen as hes in the shop. The two track down who stole the card and unravel a deeper conspiracy.

The plot is very simple, predictable and would be boring if it wasn't for the comedy, which is pretty funny at times. Willis and Morgan play well against each other on screen for some funny one liners. Neither characters are annoying to watch, but not all that interesting either but Juan Hernandez (Carlitos Way: Rise To Power) who plays the lead bad guy Raul is utterly boring and annoying. The stereo-typical hombre who deals drugs isn't interesting at all and his bad guy speeches are utterly terrible. Kevin Pollak (Middle Men) & Adam Brody (Jennifer's Body) make small appearances as the stereo-typical other Cops who hate on the main characters, neither have any funny moments and also have a scene that seems totally un-necessary. Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) also plays a bit part that puts him an miscast scenario, also once again the character seems totally un-necessary and seems to be used to make Jimmy look like a better character.

The soundtrack has some good songs on it and the film is put together well enough, its edited with that cop movie feel. Thankfully not Cop Movie enough to make the likes of Bad Boys.

Cop Out isn't a great movie but its a fun ride and rather funny at points. Some jokes feel fresh while most feel old and dry, the Cop plot its self is terrible and annoying to watch, but the jokes do make this worth a watch.

Acting: 6.5
Writing: 6.5
Direction: 7
Production: 7

Overall: 6.75

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