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Kill Bill Vol.2 Review

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Review

Kill Bill Vol. 2 picks up where Volume one left of, really there isn't any pointing watching this without having watched volume one. Really Kill Bill is one film cut in half and released in two different part, so if you haven't seen volume one, don't read this review.

Kill Bill Volume 2 starts with the bride (Uma Thurman) in a car and talking to us saying that shes headed towards her destination to Kill Bill, so you know shes killed Bud (Michael Madsen) and Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah) the films then cuts back to her heading after Bud.
Without spoiling the story volume two is much like the first, but more focused on the story elements, you'll see flashbacks and get some more history for the characters and their back story.

The cast is a lot smaller than in volume one here, the story focuses more in small elements so bare none new cast is introduced. The focus is more on the un-developed characters from volume one. Bill (David Carradine) gets so proper screen time (with his face) and some back history on him along with his brother Bud. Elle Driver seems to get less screen time than the first, but is a lot more sinister in this volume.

Uma Thurman gets more opportunity to perform the character of the bride a lot better in this one, with flashbacks and more emotional heavy scenes, she pulls it of fantastically, David Carradine, Michael Madsen and Darryl Hannah all pull of their roles with great talent but the real man of the show is Chia Hui Liu as Pai Mei, the performance given is the kind that creates a really memorable character, so well done.

Compared to volume one, volume two does not have the great set design as most the movie is in small sets. But the film still looks great and is still edited fantastically. The soundtrack isn't as memorable as in volume one, but still puts together the film just as well as it did in volume one.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 is the kinda sequel that makes you scared of people asking you which one did you like more. This film lives up to everything that volume one had and succeeds in some areas even further. The character development is a lot better, and the actors actually get a chance to bring their characters more to life. If you loved volume one, you'll love volume two.

Acting: 9
Writing: 8.5
Direction: 10
Production: 9
Overall: 9.12

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