Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Blu-ray (One Disc) Review

Alice In Wonderland Blu-ray (One Disc) Review

Alice In Wonderland one disc blu-ray is an enjoyable piece of fun to watch on your HD viewing piece of choice but the package itself was a bit of a let down. It sounds good, looks ponderous but wheres the features?

The cover art is taken directly from one of the movie posters, failing for originality is a thing with cover art at the moment. But it does stand out in amongst the rest of your collection which is a good thing.

The features provided are three measly six minute features, one focusing on the Mad Hatter, one Alice and then one on the effects. Focusing on the effects does sound good, but it just isn't long enough. The feature rushes through a couple things and how they done it, but i would have liked more.

A release like this could have provided some interesting in-depth features and commentary would have been good. Its got some short interesting features but just not enough, especially from a release that did so big at the box office. I'm assuming that they'll re-release the film on 3D Blu-ray when there out like Avatar and i hope for more from that.

Presentation: 6.5
Features: 4

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