Saturday, July 24, 2010

Armoured (2010) Review

Armoured Review

Directed by Nimrod Antal (Predators, Vacancy) with the first screenplay from James V. Simpson Armoured hopes to give you a suspenseful, action filled ride, does it succeed? Not at all.

Matt Dillon (You Me & Dupree) plays Mike Chochrane alongside Jean Reno (The Da Vinci Code) as Quinn, Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix Trilogy) as Baines and Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) as Palmer. They all work for an armored transport company and when newbie Ty Hackett (Columbus Short) (Whiteout, Quarantine) they think they have enough people on-board to steal $43 million there transporting and get away with it.

The plot is so obviously Hollywood and is filled with so many holes and hows its unbelievable. This movie is supposed to be zone out, enjoy the action and be done, this sometimes actually works for a movie if the action is any good but when it isn't like here its horrible.

Every character in this movie is either annoying or un-believable, Dillon is at his best annoying and Fishburne is put to shame in his part. Nolasco plays more or less the same kind of guy he has in every other movie and the only good acting comes from Short, which is saying something as its still not very good. Any attempt to make you feel bad for his character is thrown away with the stupid plot and dialog.

The action sequences are nothing special, even the random lests throw a car chase scene in moment isn't at all interesting but all the special effectsdo there job well enough, pitty they didnt throw in big enough exsplosions to keep my eyes open.

Armoured isn't enough of a story to be interesting nor is the action interesting enough to make this a pop corn flick, id suggest staying away from this one unless you've totally seen
everything in DVD store.

Acting: 3.5
Writing: 2
Direction: 2.5
Production: 4

Overall: 3

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