Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Infamous PS3 Review

Infamous Review

Infamous is the shocking game from Sucker Punch, brining you an open world, super powers and a comic book vibe.

The game stars out with a bang from the moment you press start. A bomb goes off in the whole city and Cole (you) are the one that was carrying it. It was just some parcel that you were delivering and it went off, causing the U.S government to put a lock down on the city and everything goes haywire. Gangs of weird deformed creatures called Reapers are controlling the place and you wake up in the hospital alive, but with some new powers, electrical powers.

The story starts out slow but works its way up after a few hours to become an interesting and cool plot. The characters all have more real life feel to them than most game characters do and the story doesn't leave you bored. You'll always be wanting to no more and whats going on as much as Cole does.

Gameplay is a mixture of third person shooting with some parkour open world adventuring. Shooting electricity aims and works well, its not clunky and mixed in with the abily to hang from any ledge, pole or whatever you wish makes for some fun gameplay. The parkour elements are fine, but it does get annoying having to press X constantly to get up a building or such and sometimes You'll find yourself struggling to get of an object because your being automatically pulled to it, other than that running and jumping of building has never been more fun.

You're power is governed by a power meter on top of your screen, if it runs out using anything but plain shooting is impossible. You're health is not shown, but the screen fade as you lose health, it does regain but recharging accelerates you to regain health a lot faster.

You'll gain more abilities as you proceed through the game, these are given to when you turn on power in a section in the city by going into the sewers. This is more or less a practice area, heres a new power, test out on this course. But working it into the story doesn't make you feel frustrated having to go to the same looking areas over and over, it makes you feel like you're actually progressing through the game.

Defeating enemies in general plus then doing head shots or special kills (stunts) gives you EXP which you can then spend on upgrading the skills you have. You wont feel un-fulfilled though, with each new upgrade You'll feel you're new power and rightly so.

Some upgrading is split into two different section though, GOOD and EVIL, which the game has a big emphasis on. Deepening on choices you make throughout the game will see how people view you, how you look and what skills you get. There are morale choices through out the game that can don't give you an exact pointing direction to what is GOOD and what is EVIL but some do. It adds to the story well and also makes the GOOD powers and EVIL powers feel totally different.

You proceed through the game by following the GPS to blue markers points which are story missions, but theres more than that in such a bit city obviously. Yellow marker points are side missions, but theres also yellow marker points with green shaded in and red shaded in. These are for specifically GOOD and EVIL missions, compelting one will knock out the other one and hence making the choice of what you're going to be eary on in the game is better.
Throughout the city you shall also find blast shards, collecting these isnt as blind as most game make you though, pushing R3 lets out a pulse which will put a solid blue dot on your GPS for a second showing you the location of any shards. Shards will give you some little EXP for each one, but the real reason you want to be on the look out for them is that collecting enough will upgrade your power meter, the length in that the more you can shoot before having to recharge.

Infamous looks good and sounds good, from the comic book motion videos to the city itself, its all very atmospheric. The city is alive with commotion, people dead on the streets, police fights, people asking for help, TV reports playing, it all makes you feel more character to the city. However when you get up close to a characters face it becomes a little bit scary, horirble animation with clunky movement.

Infamous give you a thrilling story, an interesting morale system that requires you to play twice (its worth it) and a superpower to be reckoned with. This is one of the PS3s best titles that you must play.

Story: 8.5
Gameplay: 8
Presentation: 7.5
Replay Value: 8

Overall: 8

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