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Alice in Wonderland (2010) Review

Alice In Wonderland (2010) Review By Dylan

Alice in wonderland, a timeless tale now in the hands of director Tim Burton (Willie Wonka, Edward Scissor hands) brings his usual suspects
Johnny Depp (Pirates Of The Carrabian, Willie Wonka) and Helena
Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, Corpse Bride) along with Anne Hathaway
(Valentines Day, Get Smart) and new upcoming Aussie Actress Mia
Wasikowska (Defiance, Rogue) to the table to bring his vision of the
tale to the big screen, also in 3D.

The story presumes mostly you know the basic tale of Alice In Wonderland and stars 13 years after her original adventure where she has lost
all memory of ever having going to wonderland in the first place.

This sequel is not to be confused with Lewis Carrol's actually sequel to his original Alice In The Wonderland tale, this follows its
own path and story written by Linda Woolverton (The Lion King, Beauty
& The Beast)
Upon entering wonderland Alice will meet usual characters like the white rabbit (Michael Sheen), Tweedledee and
Tweedledum (Matt Lucas) along with The Mad hatter, the hair (Paul
Whitehouse), cheesier cat (Stephen Fry) , red and white queen and all
the original characters. Alice is for-told a future set that she will
save everyone from the red queen by slaying her evil beast in a
battle and so begins Alice's adventures in wonderland.
The story starts out well and sets a good mood unfortunately it seems a bit
rushed at time, like its brushing past this plot point to more
quickly to a part it thinks is better and more interesting part of
the film than what your watching. More time is spent of the Mad
Hatter and his development through out the film then Alice, which is
annoying as she is the heroine and main character. This might not
bother some people but if your gonna make more character for the
Hater give the movie to him not Alice.
The fight scene also wasn't very interesting, it was very quick and lame in general and when the
whole movie is leading up to this moment you are setting there
expecting something much more extravagant.

Every actor in this movie give a all good performance and does well bring there characters to life. Johnny Depp does a fantastic job bring the
mad hatter a new side of character that hasn't been seen before, Matt
Lucas does well playing both Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Anne
Hathaway also does fantastically as the White queen. Every other
small part played is also done well and without fail, Crispin Glover
as the Knave of hearts to Alan Rickman as the blue caterpillar. Mia
Wasikowska as Alice is good in parts but you have problems with her
acting towards the end as she seems to not grow much through out the
film and although apparently losing her muchness, when she gets it
back her personality doesn't seem much changed apart from the ability
to saw yes to more things.

The film looks fantastic, Tim Burton's vision of what Wonderland is presented perfectly with a mixture of dark and beautiful colors. The
creatures and characters all look there parts and the score from
Danny Elfman never fails to match the mood great. Its a pity that you
never see and great shots of wonderland apart from the start which is
only short.

The 3D in this movie was produced after the final production so its not all that great, its ok and when its working well it is doing a great
job. Unfortunately it also has some flaws in it and a bit much time
was spent on creating effects that pop things out of the screen then
on the rest of the movies 3D in general. In general i think id enjoy
watching this movie without 3D a lot more as some things were

The movie is all but perfect but is very fun, it has a very good cast to carry you through one of the most enjoyable worlds to enter that will
leave you wanting to return as soon as possible. Alice in Wonderland
is defiantly worth checking out, younger child will enjoy (just not
to young as there are a couple frightening scenes) so shall older
kids, adults and even older types. Returning to Wonderland through
Tim Burton's looking glass was as ever enjoyable as his past
adventures, id suggest getting out and seeing this one at the cinemas

Acting: 8
Writing: 7
Direction: 8
Production: 8.5

Overall: 7.87

3D: 6

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