Monday, June 28, 2010

Tim Burton the Exhibition

Tim Burton the Exhibition

On the 26th of June myself and my girlfriend (Hannah) attended the Tim Burton Exhibition at acmi in federation square in Melbourne. Well we did after lining up for about 40 minutes to get tickets and get inside.

I looked around the crowed to see the types of people that were attending and I thought there was quite a range more than I thought of. I excepted only Burton fans to be attending and maybe some kids after seeing the recent Alice in Wonderland, (plus with school holidays on) but there was a whole range, people just interested, to people like myself just generally interested in Burtons stuff.

The exhibition itself is quite big; you’ll have sections to each of his films and some sections to some of his random drawings, from storyboards to poems, then bits and pieces from his films. Edward Scissorhands suite will be there, the batman masks, Sweeny Todd’s barber knife, and you’ll find something from all of his works.

The atmosphere is just right, it’s dark and gloomy but you’re still able to study any particular item well. There’s a glow in the dark room where you can look through holes in the wall for some surprises, in the background you’ll hear Danny Elfman music, so yes the whole Burton atmosphere is here.

Tim Burton the Exhibition is well worth it money is you have any interest in Burton, his movies or you’re simply into the weird and wonderful.

Tim Burton the Exhibition runs until 10 of October, open daily from 10AM til 6PM

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