Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shutter Island Blu-ray (One Disc) Review

Shutter Island Blu-ray (One Disc) Review by Dylan

The blu-ray release of Shutter Island isn't anything spectacular of a release. The film looks fine and sounds fine but as a package for your collection its nothing.

The cover piece is just a poster for shutter island with some text changed around, they like many releases lately failed to put any effort into even the presentation of the release.

The features contained on the disc are behind the shutters and into the lighthouse, both are shown in HD and average in half hour or so length. Behind the shutters is you're basic behind the scenes doco, Interviews with all he main cast and some of the lesser are their, its interesting for those interested in the film, but not something that'll interest a not so interested movie viewer.Into the lighthouse is more of a doco on the author of the book and his reasoning behind writing it, you'll also get some information on the history of mental institutes and patients. Into the lighthouse was interesting enough to make me wish it'd gone longer which is a good sign, people interested in the history of mental hospitals and etc would find this interesting.

Shutter Islands Blu-ray debut was a disappointing release, the two docos on the disc are interesting but not enough. Id still hire this out and watch this is you have seen it at the cinema, the HD is good and the film is a lot more interesting on a second viewing, as i predicted in my review earlier this year.

Presentation: 5
Features: 6.5

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