Monday, June 21, 2010

Paranormal Activity Review

Paranormal Activity Review by Dylan
Paranormal Activity is a recent success in cinema that goes too prove that you don’t need big budget effects or gore to make a great scare movie.

The film goes back to the Blair Witch Project type formula which we’ve seen in recent films like Cloverfield and a bit was used in District 9.
The films protagonists are a couple of who look to be around 25 years old.
The movie starts at a point where they think something Paranormal has been happening in their house and the male lead has gone and brought himself a camera to try and document the events and capture something.

Dur in the film (which couple be mistaken for reality since it has no opening or closing credits) you will go through the emotions the couple go through and this add for a more realistic approach when they argue.

The movie concentrates on some classic scares rather than any gore cringing scenes like from Saw or Hostel.
The movie managed to give me chills and Goosebumps down my spine which goes to prove it does it’s job.

The cast, director and writer and anyone else who worked on this film deserves props for their low budget piece of work and I congratulate them on there product and success.
Paranormal is a classic in it’s on genre and is bound to scare anyone with an open mind for the paranormal.

Acting: 7.5
Writing: 8.5
Direction: 8
Sound: 8
Production: 8


Overall: 8

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