Monday, June 21, 2010

The Lovely Bones Review

The Lovely Bones Review By Dylan

The Lovely Bones is a fantastically delivered drama from Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings.) The movie is based upon a book so i have no
cross representation on the transformation from words to picture.
I'm going to skip the acting comments as i thought all was good all round
specially the villain. The story is fantastic though and is what
you'll focus you're attention on, its touching as well as gripping
and Jackson presents the story well. The movie goes for roughly two
and a half hours, but this isn't a bother at all as you will be
dragged into the film so much and grow attached to the characters. If
you come out of this film and not having being touched at all i would
say that you have no emotions, as this should effect anyone in
This film also includes so fantastic looking CGI effects which captures the child's imaginations and gives the film some
pacing away from all the dram. Also on pacing theres some comedy
slipped in, which did give me a chuckle and once again gives you the
pacing you need in a film like this so as not to be overwhelmed with
the story and events going on.

All in all this is one of the best films and best story's i have seen in some time and Id suggest this to anyone (obviously not children)


Direction: 8

Acting: 8

Writing: 8.5

Production: 8


Overall: 8.12

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