Monday, June 21, 2010

James Camerons Avatar Review

James Cameron’s Avatar Movie Review by Dylan Avatar is an interesting story with good acting but the greatest point that makes this movie is the stunning advance in CGI and in 3D technology.
The basic fact is that as good as the plot and the overall movie is, you have to watch this in 3D the first time to appreciate its greatness.

Although this movie is just short of a three hour run time it doesn’t drag on in a sense that is un-necessary. The time is used well to develop the characters and the world and nothing is put in to drag on for a useless sense.

Although the acting is good by all means from Worthington, Weaver and all the other cast members the real performances came from the Avatars and the great work done on there realistic emotions, movement and everything else.

Thumbs up to James Cameron also for his patience on waiting with his idea and story and technology caught up to his visions.

This is the kind of movie that just about anyone can enjoy, kids under the age of 12 I’d probably say no as I had some young children running around my cinema half way through the movie because they have short attention spans. But other than that if you haven’t already please go out and enjoy this film.

Acting: 8.5
Writing: 8.5
Direction: 8.5
Sound: 8
Production: 9


Overall: 8.5

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