Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wolfman Review

The Wolfman (2010) Review by Dylan

The Wolfman directed by Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3, Jumanji) and stars Benicio Del Toro (Sin City, Traffic) in a dark drama about a man who
returns home after his brother has died by a were-wolf only to get
attacked himself and survive.

The story seems to take elements from many classic Were-Wolf and you will notice that it does. The story also dosent give you much, it travels
to several elements and directions but just hovers over them.

The acting is o.k mostly, Del Toro fails to bring much to the screen but Anthony Hopkins makes up for this bringing a good portrayal to the
Father character. Emily Blunt also plays a good supporting role,
where as Hugo Weaving as the Scotland yard police man seems very

Being a horror movie on a big budget you would expect some good looking were-wolves but there all but beautiful (in a horror sense.) The
were-wolves look rather rushed or maybe they were set to look like
the old school were-wolves from old classic horror films such as
American Wolf in London or Wolfman but if this is true the effect
fails and the were-wolves in a smaller program like Being Human look
much better.

Overall id suggest this movie to a Gloom movie fan or simply a were-wolf movie fan. The Wolfman isn't a horrible movie but it isnt the great
were-wolf it wants to be.

Acting: 7/10
Writing: 6.5/10
Direction: 7.5/10

Production: 8/10

Final Score: 7.25

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