Monday, June 21, 2010

The Green Zone (2010) Review

The Green Zone Review by Dylan

The Green Zone is a fictional story set in the Iraq war in 2003, based upon the book by Rajiv Chandrasekar and transformed intro movie
script by Brian Helgeland (The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3) and is
directed by Paul Greengrass (Bourne Ultimatum)

Matt Damon (The Departed) stars as Miller, a military Chief in operations of searching zones for Weapons of Mass Destruction. His team search
several areas given by the governments source when he starts to
question the source and the government behind his country in general.

Although the story is very fast paced like the film its self it isn't that hard to keep up with and understand what is going on, the
action ties in well with the story telling and is mostly well paced.

The story being fiction sometimes can seem very non-fictional and can make you wonder about the kind of conspiracy's that can and could be
going on within the American government back then and perhaps even
now, Paul Greengrass does a brilliant job bringing the realism to a
fictional piece.

Matt Damon does a good job as Miller but doesn't bring anything great to the character and his morals through out the film and very mixed and
not explored well or performed that well on screen. The rest of the
cast also bring par good acting parts to the rest of the cast,
military, politicians, reporters and Iraqi soldiers are all played
like they are in any other movie and don't bring any much character.

The film brings you a lot of the hand held camera work and if you get motion sickness easy you might get dizzy at some parts in the film.
Although at some points in the film you wish you could get a camera
sitting on some kind of stable object but mostly the camera work fits
its part. The Green Zone looks like a war zone and all the action
isn't to much special effects over the top but any that are used are
well used.

Paul Greengrass brings you a thriller ride from start to finish without much of a break, the writing is really good unfortunately the acting
isn't that good. If you like a good fictional war piece that makes
you seem your watching documented events, go watch this.

Acting: 6.5

Writing: 8

Direction: 8

Production: 6

Overall 7.12

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