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Clash Of The Titans (2010) Review


Clash of The Titans Review By Dylan

Clash of The Titans follows the story of Perseus played by Sam Worthington (Avatar) who after a terrible incident befalling him he ends up on an
epic quest to stop Hades played by Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter) and
him releasing the Kraken. This movie is a remake of an 80s film of
the same name, i haven't seen the original so have no comparison. The


film is directed by Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk, Transporter


The story isn't much to worry about, you could leave the room for ten minutes and come back and still know whats going on. Most the time
it'll be people yelling at each other or repeating the words god,
human and Perseus over and over again. The characters arent all that
interesting at all either i myself only found myself caring for Lo
(Gemma Arterton) since its the only character that shows much
emotional story.
Being as this superposed to be an epic action title, you'd expect to see some great action scenes and this falls
very low, most the action is all over the place and not very fun to
watch at all. The scenes from talking to fighting don't give you any
of a different feel, leaving you not to be drawn into the movie any

The acting in general was pretty average, this could be cause to the casting or simply the actors faults. Sam Worthington does a lame part
in his role, his accent seems to change several time through out the
movie and his emotional aspect to his characters is bare none. Louis
Leterrier is annoying mostly as Hades, he brings his exact Voldermort
portrayal to most this movie except in this he as hair on his face.
Liam Neeson (Batman Begins) gives an average Zeus once again not
sporting an emotion into his character. The best acting is given in
the smaller roles in the film, which is quite disappointing.

The direction that director Louis Leterrier was going for is quite un-seen, i think hes tried to cram a few films styles into one here.
Parts will remind you of Troy, then parts will simply look like
something ripped straight from 300. Crammed together you have
something a messy looking film, with the style unsure.

The 3-D in Clash of The Titans is quite horrible and unnecessary, the 3D adds nothing to the film and in fact make it looks worse, its
attempting the depth of field of Avatar and most the time this will
give you a blur in the background and a messy look. The film is
already rather dark and wearing the glasses makes this worse, giving
you an annoying affect that'll make you want to take them of.

Clash of The Titans goes for an epic quest feel with little flavor, if you've seen the trailer you'll properly leave the cinema disappointed
with the in-justice that the trailer give you. The movie is enjoyable
to watch, but it defiantly suggest skipping the 3D in this one and
saving your money.

Acting: 7

Writing: 6

Direction: 6.5

Production: 7

Overall: 6.62

3D: 2

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