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Percey Jackson & The Lightning Thief Review

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief: Review by Dylan

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief is based upon a novel of the same name written by Rick Riordan
and was brought the screen by Director Chris Columbus (Harry Potter 1
& 2) and written Craig Titley (Cheaper By The Dozen) and stars
Logan Lerman (Gamer, 3:10 to Yuma) as the hero Percy himself.

The film follows the story of Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon and his adventures after getting
accused of stealing Zeus’s powerful lightning bolt. Percy and two
other heroes Grover (played by Brandon T. Jackson) and Annabeth
(played by Alexandra Daddario)
embark on this quest to save the world, saves Percy’s mother and
clear his name also.

The story telling in this film seems somewhat rushed, I haven’t read any of the books so I have no
comparison to this but for a movie that goes for just two hours it
still felt like so much has been squeezed in and felt like a two part
movie could of done a lot better of a job. You’ll find yourself
getting bored in parts of the film and when an interesting part comes
on wishing they’d dwelled more into the characters and given the
story some more chance to develop it and the characters. This is a
good example when a whole 10 minute scene is explained in a line of
sentence before rushing of into the next


The acting in this film is few and far between with some cast giving half decent performances in their
parts, Lerman, Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and Rosario Dawson (Death
Proof, Seven Pounds) and not so great performances by Uma Thurman
(Kill Bill) and Jake Abel (The Lovely Bones, 18.) This being said
overall the acting is average is not below half the time. Sometimes
this could have been caused to terrible casting, especially for the
God and mythological creatures. Logan Lerman does come of this film
looking like the kind of young actor that could go somewhere after
seeing him several different genre films so far in his career and
doing a decent job in all, this is a good sign.

The sound wasn’t all that great either the soundtrack features music that have been in plenty of
movies before it’s time and felt un-nesceary.
The visuals looks OK but most the time it seems like an over the top show of how much money was spent around on this film and makes it an eye buster, I wish
they´d spent more time on the the actual story and characters
rather than the action scenes.

Percy Jackson is not a character or a movie you´ll be talking about weeks after seeing or
busting for the DVD release. It´s feels like a very rushed
story and involves some horrible casting that falls back bad on the
film. I´f you have some a 12 year old son he´ll probably
enjoy this movie for the action, other than that i´d give this
one a miss and give it and hire on DVD. I´f they follow up on
the film and continue making the rest of the series of books into
film (which i´ll assume they will, but there is not plans of
this review) i hope they fix the problems and focus on what could be
an interesting take on Greek mythology.

Acting: 5.5
Writing: 5
Production: 6

Overall: 5.5

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