Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises for allot of people had allot to live up to, for others like myself this was simply one of the most exciting movies ever and I wasn't disappointed.

Set eight years after the events of 'The Dark Knight' DKR jumps into a world where Gotham is basically free of crime thanks to Harvey Dents efforts in the Dark Knight and Batman hasn’t been seen since he took the fall for Dent.

The Dark Knight Rises doesn't do much work in making this film stand alone and basically expects you to have seen not only seen The Dark Knight but also Batman Begins. This is fine. This is the end of the trilogy and it has allot going for it.

Christian Bale gives his best performance yet as the billionaire, now recluse, Bruce Wayne in this epic film. Dark Knight Rises really is an epic film, also something of an ensemble cast. Everyone in this film is fantastic even if some characters film somewhat underused.

Which is hard to say considering this is nearly a 3 hour movie. Saying that though, this movie moves along at a nice pace and I could have actually gone for longer. Some of the more powerful and emotional scenes just didn't seem to get the breathing time they needed before we move past them into the next scene.

The Dark Knight Rises will cop allot of the 'not enough Batman' and 'Joker was way better than Bane' arguments, neither of which I agree with.

This film has less 'Batman' in it yes. But these movies have always been about more than just Batman. It's been about the struggle for Gotham and its people. This is quite relevant here in a film where many of its characters struggle for innocence of just to find who they are.

Tom Hardy as Bane in this film is amazing considering his limitations. Here is a character where half his face is covered by a mask so we as an audience have no face to connect with and Hardy as an actor has one of an actors most used tools removed. Here he uses what he has fantastically. Whever it's his menacing physique or that pure look of evil in his eyes, to more subtle things he does with his hands, Tom Hardy’s performance is amazing.

Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is fine and she does feel like the most wasted character here. She has little to do after her first appearance and I feel like Director Christopher Nolan didn't quite know what to do with her.

When I watched one of the first trailers for The Dark Knight Rises I was worried about Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character Blake. The young cop trying to do good role seemed like it would be a bit boring and pushing in an extra character with not much to do might be a bad choice. But I was mistaken and he is an integral part of the film. Levitt also gives quite a good performance powering what feels like a young Jim Gordon.

I have so much to say about The Dark Knight Rises and I find it hard not to simple write 'I Love This Film!' but I do. This was everything I wanted and I'm so glad I wasn't disappointed. The Dark Knight Rises closes of now what is one of the best trilogy’s ever. It's epic in scale and the minor gripes I have with it aren’t even worth mentioning. Especially when I haven’t mentioned many of the other great things in these film, they just out way each of to easy. Have I even mentioned how good the Zimmer’s score is here? No. It's okay; just go watch this film.

Acting: 9.5
Writing: 9.5
Direction: 10
Production: 10
Overall: 10


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