Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3: Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft didn't really seem to have much of interest that I knew of other than Assassins Creed: Revelations and Rayman: Origins and apart from those there really wasn't much going on here.

Ubisoft opened it's E3 Conference by giving us stats on the company because it was its 25th birthday and all was boring but they didn't use charts.

Rayman: Origins opened there game show with a good demo. Straight away I noticed the beautiful art design, wonderful sound design and the fact that this game is made for co-op play. The demo showed of not only normal platforming (including a funny tetris homage) but a underwater section and a flying section where Rayman was shooting things in the sky. The game looks good and fun and I'll defiantly want to be buying it after seeing the demo.

'Mr Caffee' who ever the hell that's supposed to be took the stage now and followed the rest of the conference with corny jokes but no laser tag. He also gave us facts; stating that 89% of all gamer girls are hot and there's a tip for ya.

Drive: San Fransisco trailer is shown without any mention of 'coma mode' (not official name but an IGN host joke) but the game still looked boring as hell. It was generic racing trailer with jumps, explosions and slow motion corner turning.

A surprise now as a demo for Far Cry 3 is shown, omething that wasn't on my radar at all. The graphics seemed to look old from afar but up close some things actually looked good. We are introduced to a very over the top 'bad guy' in the trailer who didn't seem any were near scary. Though we he kicked you of a cliff into the water below with hands and legs tied the scene actually does well to build some tension. The gameplay then kicks of and it seems to take more notes from a Call of Duty game than the previous Far Cry one. Still it looked more interesting than Modern Warfare 3 did and I enjoyed Far Cry 2.

Brothers In Arms: Furious Four is introduced in a short trailer that has a guy shocking a Nazi in the balls and blowing Nazis heads of. The whole game seems like it was based upon the Inglorious Bastards movie but with more cartoony graphics.

TinTin gets his own game based upon the upcoming movie (surprised? no) and I have no idea why it's being shown at E3. It has many different characters each with there own skills and abilities to be played as in different situations (kind like the Lego games I assume) but the combat looks very stiff and messy. It has the cast doing the voice acting so it sound good but overall it looks more like a downloadable game.

An actually funny moment arises when there is a retro Ghost Recon clip shown before Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers demo. The game looks to control well and Four Player could be fun if the game it self had any fun to be had. Everything seemed generic war game and I was bored before half the demo was done.

Ghost Recon: Online is announced as a free PC only title. Looks same-same but it's free so, I guess?

Cross achivment talk is to be had between both these Ghost Recon game if your into that.

Trackmania 2 the PC only game gets an interesting trailer showing a huge amount of cars doing a huge jump that actually made me raise my eyebrow and 'hmmm' (that's a good thing.) Why this title is PC only I don't understand, it would work just as well on consoles.

We are told the next game features characters that would' poop on your toothpaste' and introduced to Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking a Kinect only game that looks very boring. Full of dull mini-games that seems like they were made for eyetoy back on PS2. Four people crouching on the ground to create shapes, really? I thought we was moving past that for a second there.

Just Dance 3 is announced and Katy Perry features in the trailer. I swear we had like Just Dance and Just Dance 2 in one year though.

Rocksmith is something that I don't know anything about but if  I was to research outside the presentation. The trailer just contained celebrities and other types of  people talking about how much the game and no that doesn't really tell me anything about the actual game.

Your Shape 2 is a fitness game and I thought we was passed these to, no? OK

Another Retro take on a game is shown and this time it's Assassins Creed. It's actually weird that I'd be more interested in playing it than most the other stuff Ubisoft has shown.

The former obviously led into Assassins Creed: Revelation with a wonderfully epic trailer and containing mountains that made me question if they were real or not. The demo shown features some new gamplay elements like smoke bombs and a somewhat night vision. A zipline tool and it all ends with a nice teaser about Desmond trapped in the system.

That was that for Ubisoft and I found it to be the worse conference so far how about you?

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