Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E3: Sony's Conference

Being a Sony fan obviously this was the conference is was most looking forward to but I didn't expect much other than allot of yip yap about the NGP and I got that and some other stuff.

Sony opened there conference with a nice little product video showing PS3 games, Move, 3D glasses and the at the time codenamed NGP which they made sure to note it has two joysticks, yes count them, two.

Fixing straight to the 'elepthant in the room' Sony addressed the PSN outage in a good manner. Not only thanks the loyalty of the customers and there support but also apologising to the third parties that have also lost profits in the outage. Although this would bore anyone that didn't care it had to be done and with it out of the way there could only be news rolling out throughout the rest of the show, or charts.

Unfortunately I still didn't get my chart seeking eye candy but Sony did do some uppity talk as was expect. They noted how they are the number one device for Netflix streaming and this wasn't much of a surprise. Talking about streaming services 'Cinema Now' was announced to be coming for free to the PS3.

At this time I should note that here in Australia where I am we don't have Netflix on our PS3's and whatever this 'Cinema Now' is I doubt we'll get it either.

Uncharted: Drakes Deception opened the show with a bang with it's exciting demo that had Drake on a boat. The way Drake was moving on the boat showed that once again Uncharted has some fantastic character animation going on but I'm sure most people that were watching the demo were taking there eyes to the beautiful rocking sea just of to the right. After the Battlefield 3 demo at the E3 conference it was great to some beautiful eye candy once again. There was more to the demo though; it showed of nearly every single aspect to the game in the short period which is good for a demo. Drakes new improved sneaking take downs where shown early in the demo and then once the cover was broken the expect third person shooting action the game is known for broke out. However a spin was tossed as the boat started to sink and water started to seep through the hull and Drake still had to shoot the enemies around him. It's was an exhilarating sequence that was followed by a draw dropping demo after the demo. There was also mention of a Subway promotion to be going on for Uncharted 3 but promoting a promotion is lame.

The next game shown was Resistance 3 and another game I am at least a bit excited for but unfortunately the demo didn't do anything for me. It was just a simple shootout sequence that didn't show me much that I didn't already know. The floating shield generators the Chimera now appear to have seemed liked a cool add and the new A.I that Insomniac is pushing about Resistance was showing to some degree. The one cool part to me was seeing out the corner of me eye of to the right out a window a bunch of Chimera jumping across rooftops. It was nothing much but it seemed somewhat terrifying. A Resistance 3 bundle was announced that seemed reasonably cheap (It was American dollar) but unfortunately the pink controller that the demo was being played with doesn't come with.

God of War: Origins was announced to be a HD rearrested pack containing both Chain's of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta from the PSP originally. It was cool news as I haven't played Ghost of Sparta and there is many PS3 owners without PSP's that I'm sure will enjoy this new remastered package.

Still on the remaster packages Ico and Shadow of the Colossus finally got its self a release date for September.

Sony then proceeded to talk about a TV which at first a found a bit out of place. I know you need a TV to play your games but E3 is a convention for the games themselves. Fortunately I was proven wrong about my misjudgment and this TV fitted in perfectly. Its a 24" 3D TV that has some kind of tech that will make playing split screen a whole lot more fun as it lets both players see a full size screen each. This could be shoved of as a simple but cool announcement but I also found it nice for Sony to acknowledge that some people still do play split screen multi-player and not everyone plays online. There was prices and bundles announced for the TV and another including Resistance 3 but this also seemed to go on for to long. Give me the price and move onto the next thing please.

Finally Sony moved into the area everyone knew was coming, pushing the Move. The first thing was NBA2K12 which may I stated has a ridiculous title and no I don't play basketball games. Though maybe with the Move controller it could actually be a nice sit back and relax thing to do. That's right RELAX with a motion controller ladies and gentlemen. Using the Move controller you can highlight a player on the screen and them simple press your four face buttons to perform an action. Move your Move onto the next player and your controlling him and do the same. Sure it might not be for the hardcore fans of basketball games but it sound simple and easy for someone like myself to get into these games with. Koby Brian demoed the game and although he made a few funny one liners the demo itself carried on way to long, like he'd been paid to be onstage for an exact time.

Medieval Moves is a Move game using all the elements and tech seen in Sports Champions and putting into some weird Medieval era game. It seemed cool enough to make me want to play it but hey there isn't that much for the Move anyway.

Infamous 2 then got a seemingly un-necessary trailer as it was to be released the next day but it was all for the announcement that it's USG (User Generated Content) will be getting Movie support. As much as I love Infamous this whole part seemed really un-necessary since we didn't get any footage or information on how Move will work for the USG just a normal Infamous 2 trailer but hey what can you do.

On the same note LittleBigPlanet got a Move announcement that really didn't tell you anything other than the games getting a face lift for more Move support.

"From the makers of Warhawk come Starhawk a space game with guns and stuff." That basically covers my thoughts on Starhawk since once again little information just a cool trailer.

Sly 4: Thieves in Time finally got its official announcement after all the rumours and hints in the originally Infamous and then the teaser trailer on the Sly Collection. It was a quick trailer that showed some of the characters Sly fans have come to love but it was a quick trailer and I really wish after all the hints we'd got more.

Dust 514 was announced to be a FPS that is a cross over from the PC game EVE Online which I have heard of but know absolutely nothing about. It's also a PS3 exclusive and getting Move and NGP integration. Which is all fine for anyone that understood what the hell was happening in the demo but I didn't and maybe its because I don't know what EVE Online is or the whole demo was out of context but I was lost and defiantly not excited.

Bioshock Infinite was shown at the Sony Conference which was as much a surprise to me as was when Gabe Newell walked on last year with Portal 2. The trailer shown was not only freaking awesome but also freaky which was odd considering the vibrant and colourful world I was looking at. Sony then also won itself a big ticket of win by having the head of Irrational games announce that the Move will be used in Bioshock Infinite. Plus the fact that the original Bioshock is coming for free on the Bioshock: Infinite disc can't hurt.

Sony then hurled out a few PS3  exclusives with Saints Row 3 getting exclusive character, SSX getting exclusive Japan MT Fujji level, Need For Speed: The Run getting 7 exclusive cars and Battlefield 3 getting Battlefield 1943 free on the disc. A Star Trek game was also announced that is getting an exclusive Phaser peripheral for the Move support which is good for the Treckiers. The game itself had a short trailer that had a Mass Effect/Dead Space vibe going for it.

Playstation Suite is going to be coming to all Android Phones and Tablets to match with the Sony phone itself the Xpehria Play.

Finally getting into the NGP news the rumoured name of 'Vita' was confirmed and it's reason was because it means Life. There's going to be two models one 3G & Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi only model that will be a little bit cheaper. Prices were announced in the American dollar but Australia doesn't have a confirmed price yet. Vita will be getting a cross game chat like feature which is weird considering people have been asking for that for years on the PS3 so maybe that'll be coming to the PS3 sometime soon. Theres also a feature that lets you see anyone around you with a Vita and message and check there profile and trophy data which is cool in some aspects.

Getting into the games they started of with the already announced Uncharted game, Uncharted: Golden Abyss. It looks graphically just as good as the original and the demo shown looked like a jungle like area where the original Uncharted started. The tapping controls look to work well but they are optional and you can just click X to jump around and the normal controls for everything else or click on a gun to pick it up.

Ruin an MMO like game was announced and it looks really cool and like a bit of fun. It has you breaking into other players bases and other people can do the same to yours, unfortunately I couldn't really understand how all this was to work but it seemed like a cool idea. The best feature shown was one that will hopefully be taken upon by more developers and it was the save swap between PS3 and Vita. Dure in the Demo the guy paused the game on the Vita and saved the game onto the glad and then turned on the PS3 and quickly loaded up that save from the Cloud on the PS3. The game didn't look graphical any different between the two platforms and the save data picked up very quickly.

Modnation Racers was announced for the Vita and showed of the new track editor feature. Using the touch controls you can quickly draw a track and then using the back touch pad you can make mountains higher or lower and also use the back pad to create river/lakes. It looks really good and all old created tracks and carts will be available on the Vita version.

Wipeout 2048 got a quick trailer and was announced to have cross-play between PS3 and Vita.

LittleBigPlanet Vita looks to be the best version of the game so far with it's use of the touch and motion in the Vita. The ability to use all the extra bits in the Vita like the touch pad to create games means you can create levels just like you could on the PS3 but also new games like... ? Whatever your mind can imagine.

Street Fighter X Teken is coming to the Vita and Cole the main character from Infamous is coming to the Vita and Cole the main character from Infamous will be a playable character in the PS3 and Vita versions. Cole seemed like an odd choice at first but he actually looked to fit in well in the game when the Demo was shown. The game looks beautiful on the Vita screen and doing something like Marvel Vs Capcom 3 did there are going to be easy controls for beginner players using the touch screen. It's getting a 'Holiday 2011' which means it might be coming out this year.

Mixmaster Mike then starting pumping some tunes and that was it for the Sony conference. It was a good conference for Sony but still didn't contain any 'Oh my God' moments that I was looking for, but what'd you think?

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