Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Hate On 'Sucker Punch!'

Hating on a movie when you haven't seen it is ridiculous unless you know you won't like it. My example being 'Sex and the City,' I'm not sitting down to watch that at all because I know nothing in that movie could interest me, so I wouldn't like it one Iota. However Zack Snyder's recent film 'Sucker Punch' has been receiving a ridiculous amount of hate that doesn't make sense at all.

Twitter has been where I've seen the most un-deserving hate towards the movie. Most recently a tweet from an un-named person that said 'about to watch sucker punch, let the suck begin.' If you haven't seen the movie how the hell do you know it's gonna suck? You can go into a movie wary, which I do a lot, but never like 'this is gonna suck because all I've heard is shit about it.'

If you read a review in a magazine or a site like mine or a more professionally one about a movie and it more or less says 'you will not enjoy this movie' don't go see the movie. I've read plenty (many and many) negative reviews about Sucker Punch but I still really want to see it. In my mind all that matters about movies is my opinion and this may sound like I'm up myself but it helps and if more people thought this way shit like this wouldn't happen.

Now let's say I go and see Sucker Punch and come out thinking, yeah that was pretty crappy.' This wouldn't be because off all the stuff I've read, it would be generally because I myself on my own personal level did not like that movie. On the other side of things, the thing I believe happens alot on the Internet is forced opinions. You read nothing but hate on a movie (book, game, whatever) this time being Sucker Punch and you go see it and you like it, you actually like it, but you don't. You force yourself due to renowned opinion to hate upon it because it's the higher percentaged opinion. If your trying to review movies and this happens to you, then you should probably stop.

I feel sorry for Zack Snyder at the moment because even though I haven't seen Sucker Punch yet I know that the film doesn't deserve all this. I've seen trailers, I've seen pictures, and I already know that this film has a huge amount of heart put into the idea and the look of the film. I know the overall problem (apparently) with the film is the writing and even with that, I can tell from what I've seen it's had more effort that heaps of shit out there.

So next time you hear nothing but crap about something that you want to see just say fuck it. Tell yourself it's my opinions who says I can't have an opinion? I'll tell you now I actually liked 'The Happening' and that gets nothing but crap. I'm proud to say that and I can tell you why I actually liked it, I'm not gonna give In on my opinions to fit in, (the music industry has alot of that at the moment) I'm gonna like what I like and so should you.


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