Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife Pre-View

Resident Evil: Afterlife Pre-View

Coming from a fan of the games point of view the Resident Evil movie franchise hasnt really done the original source justice. This aint saying I did't enjoy the previous three movie, I did.

Paul W.S Anderson returns to Direct the fourth installment here after leaving the previous two to other Directors. I thought the first was more of a horror film and the later action, so I was hoping for a return to that here. Though the trailer looks to be continuing more of the action elements given in the last two.

Afterlife looks to be continuing the story but also adding new elements from the latest Resident Evil game (Resident Evil 5) which was released after the third movie. Manji where the main enemies in that game and look to be making an appearance in this film. Although cool to fans of the games, fans of the movie franchise might be disappointed with this. Manji aren't zombies, so this could take away zombie movie fans.

3D is also being placed into the franchise for the first time. I'm not worried about it though as it was intended to be 3D from day way and has been promoted heavily on the fact it was filmed with James Cameron's Avatar cameras.

I'll going in expecting a fun ride with some cool bits and bobs for fans of the games. I'm hoping the story comes to a close but i don't see that happeing.

Look out for my review in the near future.

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