Monday, October 11, 2010

Give Em Hell Malone Review

Give Em Hell Malone Review

The premise and the sleek looking DVD cover brought me to Give Em Hell Malone. Disappointment is an understatement to my feelings after watching this. I had to retreat to a corner and watch a certain Cohen Brothers film to get the bad taste out of my mouth. This film was neither request for review or on my list of films to review, but i thought it necessary to stop anyone watching this.

Good point number one is the opening, Malone played by Thomas Jane (The Mist) blast his way through some hallways with gory and excellent grin fashion, as you guess i soon lost the smile. Soon Give Em Hell Malone's shinning buttocks brought its fresh air.

The ridiculous story is about stupid characters that wish they where from Sin City trying to get an item Malone got out of a case, that he refers to as 'the meaning of love.' Obviously I would be willing to forgive story for interesting character and good enjoyment, but nothing is good in this movie... Oh other that the opening scene.

The acting is so horrible it hurts i think it was cause by bad direction from Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil 3: Extinction) as the film has no idea where it's going. What worse is the joker impression brought on by Doug Hutchinson (Punisher: War Zone.) It's so Obviously ripped from Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight.

Give Em Hell Malone does have a couple moments of enjoyment but the film bored me so much i went and starred at a blank wall for five minutes to picture something more enjoyable before returning.

Acting: 3
Writing: 3.5
Direction: 2
Production: 5

Overall: 2.5

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