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Survival Of The Dead Review

Survival Of The Dead Review

George A. Romero (Land Of The Dead) returns with yet another ---- of the dead movie. There's a somewhat connection with this one, one of the characters from his last Dead movie, Diary of the Dead makes a return here. Bit of an odd choice however since the character had about a minute or two's screen time in Diary of the Dead.

The character i was talking about is Sergent Crocket played by Alan Van Sprang (Saw 3.) Crocket pulls out of the army and goes on all for one march around the land taking and doing what he wants (as seen in Diary Of The Dead) until he meets Patrick Flynn who got kicked out a remote island by his childhood rival. The two and there followers decide to head of the mentioned island to stake out there.

The story isn't great and it seems like a story that was written as a short and Romero tried to expand it to meet a feature length film.

Although theres an aimed subject matter here, that being people against people and how the human race can't manage to band together against the real bad guy. But it isn't sprung out enough to real have an effect on the story or characters.

The acting is very average and at times poor, it seems there either wasn't enough time to do more takes on set or the acting is generally this terrible.

The characters are generally boring and not interesting enough to make a movie that's about picking sides interesting. There's a lot of humor between the characters and zombies but none of it is done well, saying that neither the scares.

Survival of the Dead has a late 70's horror picture feel to it, but isn't pulled of well. The music is annoying to put it blandly and a lot of it seems like it's from a Get Smart episode for some reason.

Survival of the Dead is a title well in place, how Romero's films are managing to Survive i have no idea. There a time when one man must stop and i hate to say it George but if this is the future of the franchise, stop now.

Acting: 5
Writing: 4
Direction: 4
Production: 5

Overall: 4.0

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