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Brooklyn's Finest Review

Brooklyn's Finest Review

I enjoy a good cop story and i enjoy all the actors in Brooklyn's Finest but this movie was a rather let down. Directed by the man behind Training Day; Antoin Fuqa and written by Michael C. Martin, (TV's Sleep Cell) Brooklyn's Finest cop film it tries to be and I'm sorry it fails.

Brooklyn's Finest follows three different cops with different stories all revolving around Brooklyns. The first being Richard Gere's (I'm Not There) character; Eddie Dugan. Eddie is a week away from retiring and is struggling the strings in his life, along with the new cops he has to court around.

Don Cheadle's (Oceans Thirteen) character Tango is an undercover cop who is blurring the lines between which life he wants and who's side he actually supports.

Ethan Hawke (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead) plays Sal Procida . A detective who is struggling with his family life due to financial issues. Unable to afford a new house to provide for his soon to be larger family he begins to question if he can stay on the right side of the law in order to get the money he needs.

Fortunately with all that the three stories don't become hard to understand, but you will begin picking which one of the stories you'd rather be watching.

All of the performances are solid enough for the material given. It's just unfortunate that all of the characters are to stereo-typical and boring that any interest is low. It was nice to also see Wesley Snipes (Blade: Trinity) make it to a movie in cinemas this time around.

Brooklyn's Finest has a feel of an older cop movie, not big on the action, more feel on the tension button. I enjoyed more of Don Cheadle's story that the other two stories however. Richard Gere's character seemed boring and didn't seem to have more than one layer to his story. Ethan Hawke's character was the most boring and I didn't find his emotional level of the character high enough.

Brooklyn's Finest starts with a story that looks to pan out to something better than it does. Watch if you've go nothing else to watch.

Acting: 6.5
Writing: 6.5
Direction: 7.0
Production: 6.0

Overall: 6.5

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