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Inception Review

Inception Review

Inception is Christopher Nolan's (The Dark Knight, Memento) next psychological thriller and his first film in a while that isn't based upon a comic or book. Written and Directed by Nolan the film offers a thriller ride, but a smart one at that.

The story is hard to explain without including some kind of spoiler, but picture a world where there is a way to invade peoples dreams and access there deepest darkest secrets. Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island) is the best there is at invading peoples dreams and after getting offered a job to implant a thought into someones head (Inception) he assembles a team and gets to work.

The way i would explain the story to anyone simply is this, think the set up and planning of 'The Italian Job' mix that with 'The Matrix' and you have Inception. Not saying Inception has any resemblance at all to either of those films, but that's best i can put it.

DiCaprio is good in the film, but once again isn't spectacular, the rest of the cast is spectacular though. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a very swarve role as Arthur, this is measured up well against Tom Hardy (Rock'N'Rolla) who plays a very sarcastic yet fun character as Eames. Ellen Page (Juno) once again proves she is as a very good upcoming young actress as Ariadne and I'm hoping she continues to make smart choices in her career unlike 'X Men 3: The Last Stand.' Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins) returns to work with Nolan after being in both his Batman films to play an almost complete opposite role. Michael Caine also makes a small appearance but his presence always brings a warmth to the screen.

Inception is full of mind blowing effects to co-inside with the mind blowing plot, luckily they aren't played out to much and only used in sense with the movie. Hans Zimmer creates a memorable score, with epic piece music, Zimmer is starting become like Danny Elfman is to Tim Burton.

As i was walking up the isle after Inception had finished playing at the cinema i could already here people talking and contemplating the plot and there theories on the ending. This is an accomplishment to Nolan, to have people that quick into talk, so hats of to him. I myself have my own theories none of which I'm sure are right yet, i think I'll need to re watch Inception scene by scene and go clue hunting before I'm ready to settle on one theory. Christoper Nolan with Inception has created a movie that will stand the test of time as a very clever and smart idea. Even with a couple plot holes it still is one of the best movies in quite some time I've seen, Inception is a smart, fast thrill ride that had me on the edge of my brain and seat.

Acting: 8.5
Writing: 9.5
Direction: 9.0
Production: 9.0

Overall: 9.0

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