Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inception Pre-View

Inception Pre-View

I'm a Christopher Nolan fanboy so there's no need for me to explain my sensation to be seeing this film, from the announcement to the first trailer i was waiting to see Inception with much anticipation.

Inception offers to give people a... I'm not really sure, as much as I've read about this film and the trailers, all i know is that it's something to do with dream control. But i don't need to know that much of a plot like this to know I'm going to enjoy this movie. Nolan has a master class in controlling a thick plot, for the best example see Memento.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars and I'm not too big on that, I know he's a good actor, i wouldn't argue with that, but I'm not his biggest fan. Joesph Gordon i really enjoyed in (500) Days of Summer, one of my favorite films of 2009. Ellen Page is a good young actress and I'm hoping to see her prove her skills here.

I'm looking forward to Inception alot and i hope it meets my expectations to provide me with a smart movie, with good acting that makes me want to watch it again straight after to understand the plot better. To find out if i do enjoy it, come check back for my review.

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