Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Cake Eaters Review

The Cake Eaters

Mary Mastersons directional debut is The Cake Eaters, written by Jayce Bartok who also plays the part of Guy in the film is a odd film about people and relationships and family's.

Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga) is Georgia, a teenager who has an odd muscle disease making walking, talking and even writing in general a hard task. She forms a relationship with Aaron Stanford's (X Men 3: The Last Stand) character Beagle, who is struggling with his own life as his mother just passed away and his brother (Bartok) is returning and theres some jealousy seen between them.

Its hard to explain this plot, its just one of theme films, but as i said its a film just simply about people, relationships and family. The plot isn't something everyone will be able to appreciate, it doesn't have any major points in the plot or any true defined meaning but it is an enjoyable feel good movie that will warm your heart.

Kristen Stewart give a fantastic performance especially for her age, she plays well against Aaron Standford who also performs well, but is very dull to watch on screen and seems creepy at points, when Im not sure if hes supposed to be or not. The rest of the cast is good in general even the small bit parts are well performed.

The Cake Eaters is a heart warming tale that cant really be explained, you'll enter the film with nothing and leave with nothing more, but you will feel a bit happier on the inside and the performances are well above most films of this scale. This is an enjoyable film, but i can see where some people will simply hate it and wont appreciate the simpleness.

Acting: 8
Writing: 7.5
Direction: 7
Production: 7.5

Overall: 7.5

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